Teachings by J. Compton
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Jimmie D. Compton, Jr.

In His Service!
Hope Bible Fellowship Church
19670 Sherwood, btwn E, 7 Mile Rd & E. 8 Mile Rd.
Detroit, Michigan 48234
Sunday Worship at 10:45am, Wednesday Bible Study at 6:30pm

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There is so much emotional and mental healing for what ails us in the 21st century that can result from an intimate spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ. If you have not expereinced it yet, then listen to what God has provided us. Be blessed!!!
The Four Phase "Mission & Process" of the Church
First, we are to Love God - The 1st Greatest Command
Introduction to Loving God and Others
1. Provision of Grace
2. Attracted by Grace
3. Joy by Grace
4. Desiring God by Grace
5. Loving God Sacrifically by Grace
Second, we are to Love One Another - The 2nd Greatest Command
1. Command to Love One Another
2. Theology Behind Loving One Another
3. Friction In Loving One Another
4. Substance in Our Love For One Another
5. How to Develop Love For One Another
Application & Implication of Loving God
Applications For Loving God
Implications of Loving God
Third, we are to Rival Against Hell
1. Battle With Feelings of Unworthiness
2. Battle With Unavailability
3. Battle With Lying
4. Battle With Sneakiness
5. Our Right, Responsibility and Rule As Rivals
6. How To Resist The Devil
7. Humanity: Created on Earth Where The Devil Lives
8. Binding and Loosening Part 1
9. Binding and Loosening Part 2
10. When Binding and Loosening Does Not Work
Fourth, we are to Make Disciples
The Meaning Of Discipleship (Booklet) by Dr. Anthony Evans
Profiles in Discipleship Series (3 Tapes, 6 Messages) by Dr. Anthony Evans
Productive Discipleship (Booklet) by Dr. Anthony Evans
End of "Mission & Process"
Directory of Messages
----------------------------2011 July Teaching->>>Discerning Reasons for Lack of Belief
2011 April Teaching->>>Fishers of Urban MenReceiving and Giving Forgiveness
Messin' With Jesus, Sasquatch and DetroitResponding to Spiritual Elevation2011 March Teaching->>>
Biggest Celebration EverWe Must Take It Personal2011 February Teaching->>>
What Church Suppose To Be
2011 January Teaching->>>Healing Through Divine Repurpose
Here Comes Trouble2010 December Teaching->>>Mystery Behind Jesus' Birth
Plan Behind Jesus' BirthSituation of Life Behind Jesus' Birth2010 October and November Teaching->>>
Call For ContentmentSecret of ContentmentGod As Image Breaker
God's Love Heals the SoulLove ThirstyOvercoming Self Pity
Superstition Religion and SpiritualityWhere Lies The Difficulty In ObedienceMystery of Holiness