February: Study Notes about the Fairness of the Curse
Based on J. Compton's lessons

Making Time for the Master

First, listen and takes notes on the audio lesson at this link: Was it Fair to Curse Adam and Eve?

Complete these exercises, then study them with your notes

  1. Read the curse in Genesis 3:16-19. Know the elements of God's curse upon Adam and his wife.

  2. Reflect how the curse as an act of mercy. Be prepared to explain how.

  3. Understand what it means to be a free moral agent. Be prepared to distinguish it from a drone.

  4. To live within God's wisdom is choosing to trust in His point of view whenever if differs from your own. God's providential care is being content with the food, housing, work, fun, life opportunities and situation that God provides for you

  5. Ask someone or research the principles of "cause and effect" and "seedtime and harvest".

  6. Identify in Genesis 3:7-12 all of the negative emotions that Adam and Eve experienced for the first time, after eating forbidden fruit.

  7. Before the curse humanity would not experience death. Afterwards we did Genesis 3:19. Find this in the warning in Genesis 2:17.

  8. If you were honest, you'll confess the desires you have to sin against God. You and I experience the effect, which Adam caused. God didn't make sin pass down to us. Being warned about the effects of disobedience Adam (the seed of humanity), ignored the warning and chose to sin.

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