Lesson 3: Science of Hermeneutics
Based on R. C. Sproulís lessons

Facilitator: J. Compton, Jr.

Study the 20 minute lesson at this link: Science of Interpretation

Answer These Questions, Then Return to Facilitator

  1. What is there a strong temptation to avoid?

  2. How is Scripture not like art?

  3. Who is the author of the Bible? (source of its meaning)

  4. What is hermeneutics?

  5. What is the goal of hermeneutics?

  6. What is the Grammatical Historical School of thought?

  7. What is the Existential School of Thought?

  8. What is the Religious-Historical School of Thought?

Call Me When You Are Ready For The Exam (and bring answers to the above)

Your exam must be completed within the same month the lesson was assigned.