LESSON 2: Private Interpretation
Based on R. C. Sproulís lessons

Facilitator: J. Compton, Jr.

Study the 20 minute lesson at this link: Private Interpretation

Answer These Questions, Then Return to Facilitator

  1. What is subjectivism?

  2. Whatís wrong with subjectivism when it comes to interpreting the Word of God?

  3. In 1960 how many Protestant denominations existed?

  4. Is subjectivism and relativism acceptable for keeping the peace when two or more people have different interpretations of the Word of God?

  5. Whatís the first principle of biblical interpretation?

  6. If two people have two different interpretations of Scripture, at least many of them are wrong?

  7. If truth can differ from person to person, how could you distinguish Christ-likeness from anti-Christ-likeness or righteousness from wickedness?

  8. Which bible teachers, books or commentaries do you go to, in order to confirm that you have the correct interpretation of Godís Word?

  9. What is the difference between exegesis and eisegesis?

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Your exam must be completed within the same month the lesson was assigned.