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Spiritual Formation 101 Examination

(Correct answers worth four points each. Scoring: 80+ = pass; 48 – 76 = retake exam (once); retake class)


In the lesson from Romans 8:1 - “Therefore and Now

1.    What three truths about believers doesTherefore” refer to?



2.    Does “Now” mean, it is impossible for God to find a flaw in the righteous position of the believer?  Yes, No, Maybe.


3.    If a crack-head staggered into a church 15 minutes ago and was made alive in Christ, then as of this moment there is no condemnation for him, even though he’s yet to awake from a slumped over stupor! True or False



In the lesson “First Cause in Each Individual’s Salvation

4.    How was God the Father the first cause in a person’s salvation?



5.    What qualifies a person to be elected by God?



6.    People who are not elected by God are damned to hell.  True or False



In the lesson “Our Past Salvation

7.    Which is not true about our past salvation?  Circle one

a.    It is the done and finished work.

b.    The work is of the Triune Godhead.

c.    The believer ceases to sin

d.    A supernatural foundation for developing spirituality is established.


Define each of these terms:

8.    Conversion –


9.    Regeneration –


10. Redemption –


11. Justification –



In the lesson “Our Present Salvation

  1. The new life created from having been made alive in Christ during our past salvation continues its attempt to transform the balance of our soul (mind, will and desires) to resemble Christ’s.  True or False



  1. What did Jesus Christ teach about the work of the Holy Spirit?



  1. What is the believer’s responsibility during present salvation?



  1. Based upon Philippians 1:6 what would be proof that a believer was saved in the past?


  1. Who is responsible for sanctification?


  1. Who is responsible for perseverance?


  1. ___________ Salvation Made Us Safe.  _____________ Salvation Makes Us Sound.  Fill in the blanks!



In the lesson “Our Future Salvation

  1. What will we receive during our future salvation?



  1. For what reasons does nature also groan waiting for future salvation?



  1. Why is our existing body incapable of standing in the presence of the Shekinah Glory of God; and still survive?



In the lesson “Life in the Spirit

  1. Write Romans 8:2:



  1. The Holy Spirit was given in order to __________________, in us individually, what was made ________________ through the cross of Christ. Fill in the blanks!


  1. Explain how human flesh can weaken God’s law to the point of being powerless in Romans 8:3a For what the law was powerless to do because it was weakened by the flesh…



  1. List the 3 of the 5 metaphors used in the New Testament to describe our perseverance: __________________, ____________________, ______________________.   Fill in the blanks!


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