First Cause in Each Individual’s Salvation


Some decisions we men make because of circumstances that directs us, such as when to move out of our parent’s home.

·        Don’t have as much freedom as we would like

·        Want to establish oneself through home ownership

·        Want to be the boss of your own place

·        Purchase of your own car to go and come as we please, no more borrowing the keys


Well the parents might have had a helping hand in setting the stage for this exit.


The opportunity/unction as a candidate to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior was set in motion before the creation of the world. The Father has given certain persons to His Son as a peculiar possession before time; see John 6:37 and 10:26. God the Father was the First Cause for your trust in the Son as Lord and Savior.


Peculiar in that nothing in our manly qualities qualifies us, it’s the Father’s own purpose and pleasure that makes us part of the Elect (known as Devine Election, an eternal act of God).


Do you remember when you chose your sweetheart, or did you really? Did she set it up to make you think you were doing the choosing (who’s fooling who)?


Unless the Father compels a person, there is nothing in human nature capable of choosing Jesus – Romans 3:20-18, 23; John 6:44.


Summed up, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and that no one can come to Jesus without the Father drawing them. The Elect of God must compel anyone to come –Luke 14:23-24.


Since all have sinned and fallen short, as men we shouldn’t be limited or inhibited in our  sharing of the Gospel, keeping in mind that it is the Father who does the drawing regardless of the person state.


Jesus taught about the Elect during his earthly ministry John 17:1-2, and Luke 18:7-8 speaking about all those the Father has given him and cutting short the last days that the Elect may be saved.


His apostles taught this also, see Acts 9:15, and Philippians 4:1-3.  Saul is converted, then changed his name to Paul.   As Paul, he reached out to the Gentiles.