First Cause in Each Individual’s Salvation


 The biblical exposition of “First Cause in Each Individual’s Salvation” has profound implications for all women, especially women in the community served by Hope Bible Fellowship.


Women very often occupy one of two extremes in terms of “finding” their identity in the world. They may allow the world to relegate them to a place of inferiority and ineptness, wherein they are subjected to abuses in employment, their own households, the political and economic arenas, etc. Or, they arm themselves with the weapons of this same wicked world (deceit, manipulation, self-indulgence, etc.) to escape those trappings. Especially for the women in our community, those efforts are usually futile, and they see themselves as powerless victims—and they may well be.


Sadly, many women fail to embrace their identity in Christ. As the elect of God, we are the recipients of His divine, irresistible grace. Through no work, effort, worthiness, or merit of our own, and because of His own secret purpose(s), He chose us. It is that identity whereby we are assured that we are loved and valued, that we are more than conquerors, fearfully and wonderfully made, and above all things, chosen by God!


When our view of ourselves is negative or does not “measure up” according to worldly standards, it is likely that our behaviors and choices will “follow” that view. We behave like the second-class citizens we’ve been convinced that we are, making enemies of ourselves. We believe the lie rather than the truth God has spoken of us and to us in His word. God saw past all of the lies and labels we appropriated, and established a divine purpose for us anyway. He did not wait for us to become worthy—as we will never be worthy of His gift—yet, He wants to use us for His kingdom and His glory. Because of the deceptiveness of sin, we would not have chosen Him, so He chose us, with the stench of sin still upon us, to represent Him on Earth.


How remarkable! A wretch like you, sister, and a wretch like me!