Therefore and Now in Romans 8:1


The use of the word "Therefore" (Romans 8:1) speaks to what Christ has done that prepares the believer to live a new life in HIM and the placement of that word speaks to the authority to act on the following statement in verse 1.
now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, ...

The use of the word "now" in (Romans 8:1) speaks to the effect of the Law on believers versus before they accepted Christ. Before condemnation was upon them but after Christ this is no longer the case. They are under the Law of the Spirit - under Christ.

Placement of the word "now" informs us not to act as we did before Christ in our lives but with a mind informed by HIS Word & the Holy Spirit (must continue in our studies and practice what we study that aligns with His Word).

George Pearson