Romans Ch. 8


In terms of the believer’s spiritual development . . .


1. The use and placement of the word “therefore”in vs 1.


Therefore is a reference to the thought that precedes it; what follows is the conclusion drawn from that thought. What precedes therefore (Chapters 1-7) could be summarized as the contrast between the righteousness of Christ and the sinfulness of humankind, revealed under the microscope of the Law. Paul then teaches that justification through faith positions the believer for sanctification, or the ever-increasing faith walk. Thus, he concludes (“therefore”) that believers are no longer slaves, condemned by the Law, but free because of the righteousness of Christ that is imputed to us.


2. The use and placement of the word “now”in vs 1.


Now refers to our position as justified believers, no longer “Law-breakers,” but now released from the guilt and penalties of our sin because of the righteousness of Christ. We progressively rely on the power of the Holy Spirit in our spiritual development and allow Him to wage the war with sin that Paul alludes to as Chapter 7 closes.


Barbara J. Brooks